MARRASKUU ( November ) 2002 Newsletter

Nov 2 Sat   7:00pm     ADULT HALLOWEEN PARTY
        3 Sun                  CAMP COUNTRY CLOSING
        3 Sun  8:00am     TALKOO BREAKFAST
        3 Sun 10:00am    ANNUAL FALL TALKOO (Work - Bee )
        6 Wed 6:30pm    Bar Committee ( Clubroom )
        7 Thur  7:30pm   Future Planning Committee Meeting
        9 Sun 10:00am    Board Meeting ( Visitors at Noon )
Dec 5 Thurs 7:30pm    Future Planning Committee Meeting
        8 Sun   1:00pm    PIKKU JOULU ( Little Christmas Party)
        8 Sun   1:00pm    Deadline for Names for MembershipCHRISTMAS CARD
      14 Sat    6:30pm    Bar Committee Meeting
      14 Sat    8:00pm    ADULT CHRISTMAS PARTY


ANNUAL FALL TALKOO ( Work – Bee ) - is scheduled for Sunday, November 3 . BREAKFAST will be served from 8am to 10am at the Kentta. Work-bee starts at 10:00am. All members please attend to help prepare our grounds for winter. There is a lot of work to be done including raking the Kentta area and general clean-up in the Kentta area, Sauna area, Sun and Loon Lake areas, putting our summer furniture in storage, and winterizing the bathrooms. Beverages and Mojakka available for all workers. If you have a mulching mower, please bring it along. We have work for all ages. Bring your whole family. Help is needed for the Breakfast…… shop, prep, cook, order taking, cash register and clean-up. Hours given for the kitchen help. Contact KRIS

CAMP COUNTRY CLOSING is November 3. ALL CAMP OWNERS are reminded to winterize their camp by storing outside furniture and equipment, securing awnings,and clean-up all debris around your area. Do not leave anything of great value in or out of your camp to invite vandalism. Also, NO STORAGE PREMITTED of cars, boats or any large equipment . Dispose of any harmful substances such as gasoline or charcoal lighter fluids.

ADULT HALLOWEEN PARTY NOVEMBER 2TH 8:00PM CLUBROOM PRIZES for Best Costumes: Scariest, Funniest, Ugliest, Prettiest and Most Original. Play “Guess the Body Parts” and you might win one! We would appreciate a FOOD DISH for the table that LILY MUNSTER would be proud of ! Thanks for your help and don’t be scared you big babies !

PIKKU JOULU - ‘ Little Christmas Party’ - Sunday, December 8 - 1:00 pm to 5:00pm Please plan to attend our annual Christmas celebration with the kids and enjoy a wonderful afternoon of holiday cheer with family and friends. All new members are asked to bring an unbreakable ORNAMENT ( 1 per family) to hang on the tree and add to the collection. Please bring a DISH to pass for our POTLUCK LUNCH. Traditional RIISI PUURO will be served. SANTA and MRS. CLAUS are sure to appear. If you would like your child to participate in the Grab Bag, bring a wrapped gift with your child’s name to be put under the tree. (Please limit your gift to $10-15). Anyone interested in helping with set up and decorating or clean-up, contact ROBYN

D.F.C.S.C.A. ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP CHRISTMAS CARD The Board of Directors sponsors our ANNUAL CARD which is mailed to EVERY MEMBER. you can include your name(s) for $5.00. Mail a check payable to D.F.C.S.C.A. to ROBYN . Indicate EXACTLY how you want your name(s) to appear in the card. DEADLINE is December 8 at Pikku Joulu.

ANNUAL ADULT CHRISTMAS PARTY - Saturday, December 14 - Begins 8:00pm in the Clubroom Celebrate the Christmas Season at our ANNUAL PARTY . Music for dancing and listening pleasure – Please bring a DISH to pass - the Board of Directors supplies the meats, cheeses, vegetable trays, bread and condiments.

GYPSY MOTHS ARE INVADING AGAIN- For new members and to refresh the memories of the rest of the membership:gypsy moth caterpillars are very destructive. They can and did, defoliate a tree and cause it to die. We lost several trees at Loon Lake a few years ago. There were a dedicated few who took on the caterpiller, destroying egg masses and killing the caperpillars, either by smashing them or spraying them with a lemon-based detergent and water mix. The egg masses can be destroyed now through spring. They will hatch in April or May, each egg mass producing thousands of caterpillars. The egg masses are predominantly in the west side camp country and by Loon Lake. They cannot be destroyed simply by scraping them down - the eggs will hide in the leaf base and still hatch out in the spring. Either the masses have to be buried or burned. In our previous efforts to wipe them out we had a charcoal grill going, and we would dump the scraped-off egg masses onto the fire. The eggs would pop like popcorn and be destroyed. The egg masses look like golden cottony blobs. They are layered mostly on the caterpillars favorite foods - oak, willow, and white pine- though we found they also like the underside of camp eaves, especially darkly painted camps. This is the first year we have seen a resurgence in the moths, so it would be beneficial if we can get as many people involved as possible to destroy the egg masses before we have the gigantic problem we had in previous years. Please, campers, check around your own camp and burn any egg masses that you find. We will be having a group session in the spring - armed with ladders, coffee cans, putty knives (to do the scraping), and torches to destroy all the egg masses we find. I have done some scouting and have destroyed the egg masses I found at Sun Lake and at the Kentta and in the east side camps (not many found in these places) - but there are many egg masses at Loon Lake, and campers said the moths were all over the place in the westside camp country this summer, so that is where we will have to concentrate our efforts. Anything you can do before that time would be very helpful - it's a big job, and the more people to help, the easier it will be. We can't let the gypsy moths wipe out more of our old trees!!! Thanks, Sam - and the Future Planning Committee