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JOULUKUU ( December ) 2003

Dec. 4 Thurs 7:30pm Future Planning Committee Meeting
....    7 Sun .  1:00pm PIKKU JOULA (Little Christmas Party)
....    7 Sun ........        Deadline for Submitting Names for Membership CHRISTMAS CARD
.     14 Sun. 10:00am Woods Committee Projects (meet at Tractor Garage)
...   20 Sat .   6:00pm Bar Committee Meeting
...   20 Sat .   8:00pm ADULT CHRISTMAS PARTY
...   25 Thurs ......      HAUSKAA JOULUA
Jan.  1 Thurs ......      ONNELLISTA UUTTA VUOTTA
....    8 Thurs 7:30pm Future Planning Committee Meeting
...   11 Sun. 10:00am Board Meeting (Visitors at 12 pm)
...   11 Sun. 10:00am Woods Committee Projects (meet at Tractor Garage)
...   30 Fri.    7:30pm EUCHRE TOURNAMENT BEGINS
Feb. 7 Sat ........       ANNUAL WINTERFEST and CHILI COOK-OFF


ANNUAL ADULT CHRISTMAS PARTY will be Saturday, December 20, at 8:00pm in the Clubroom. Celebrate the Christmas Season at our ANNUAL PARTY. Music for dancing and listening pleasure. Please bring a DISH to pass. The Board of Directors supplies the meats, cheeses, vegetable tray, Bread and condiments.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: The Works Administrators are DANA ARO, SALLY EVANS and DON MATT. Please contact them for available work hour projects or leave message at 248 624 2550.


PIKKU JOULU "Little Christmas Party" - Sunday, December 7 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Please mark your calendars for our annual Christmas celebration with the kids and enjoy a wonderful afternoon of holiday cheer with family and friends. All new members are asked to bring an unbreakable ORNAMENT ( 1 per family ) to hang on the tree and add to the collection. Please bring a DISH to pass for our POTLUCK LUNCH. Traditional RIISI PUURO will be served. SANTA and MRS. CLAUS are sure to appear. If you would like your child to participate in the Grab Bag, bring a wrapped gift with your childs name to be put under the tree. ( Please limit your gift to $10-15 ). Anyone interested in helping with set-up and decorating or clean-up, contact ROBYN J.

D.F.C.S.C.A. ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP CHRISTMAS CARD The Board of Directors sponsors our ANNUAL CARD which is mailed to every member. You can include your name(s) for $5.00. Mail a check payable to D.F.C.S.C.A. to ROBYN J. Indicate exactly how you want your name(s) to appear in the card. DEADLING is December 7 at Pikku Joulu.

Saturday - February 7
It's All Day FUN For The Whole Family
AND This Year A Vegetarian Chili Will Be Prepared ALSO ! !
Remember : Get Your Work Hours In Early,
So You Can Enjoy The Days Of Summer
For More Info Or To Register Your

BAR COMMITTEE thanks BRUCE F. for his gift (lantern) to the for the Halloween Party Raffle. The Bar Committee also extends their appreciation to all the members who came out in costume to make the party a success. Please mark your calendar for the last Friday of the month EUCHRE beginning January 30 and running to May 28. Plan on attending the Finn Camp Wedding this summer. The date is June 18th. Pencil us in. Look for your invitation in the mail.Next Bar meeting December 20th at 6:30 pm  same night as Board sponsored Christmas Party.

WOODS COMMITTEE PROJECTS will continue on the second Sunday of the Month. Meet at 10:00am at the tractor garage adjacent to the Farm House. Call Mike H. with any questions or call him if you plan to help with the projects but arrive a little late.

THE BOARD and the MECHANICAL COMMITTEE extend a most sincere THANK YOU to CHRIS and RUDY R. for the donation of tools to the Finn Camp that had belonged to TOIVO and WAYNE ( father and uncle).These serious tools ( welders, heavy floor jack and more) have already been put to work.

A big THANK YOU to the FOXWORTHY FAMILY for the donation of a Foosball Table and a wonderful Keyboard/Organ and Stool. Kittos ! !

Regarding the November FALL TALKOO - the turnout was pitiful - 10 people all day - very disappointing. How does this speak for our concern for our Finn Camp? You decide. The Spring Talkoo is next May. BE THERE!

VOLUNTEERS - There are 2 openings for the FUTURE PLANNING COMMITTEE. Contact SAM.

CAMPS FOR SALE: #129 - Contact the Board of Directors
#132 - Available for sealed bids. Sealed bids accepted for 90 days per Blue Book rule 105.3.1.
After 90 days, the Board will contact the winning bid.

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Mail to NANCY T.
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