2524 Loon Lake Road Wixom, Michigan 48393

HEINAKUU ( July ) 2003


Quiet time in Camp Country is 11:00pm - 8:00am (NO LOUD MUSIC, TV'S OR PARTIES AFTER 11PM )
Members are responsible for their guest's behavior.
Drive slowly on Finn Camp grounds. PLEASE WATCH FOR CHILDREN.
Firewood for Fire Pit at Loon Lake permitted only if constantly attended.
Fire must be completely OUT when you leave and please remove all trash.
ONLY MEMBERS can dock and launch boats from our Loon Lake property.
UNUSED vehicles or boats are NOT allowed storage on Camp grounds.
Motor Bikes and ATVs and similar vehicles are not allowed on Finn Camp grounds.
Pets must be leashed. Barking dogs must be quieted.
Garbage and trash must be placed in Dumpsters by the kitchen.
East and Westside bathrooms are for members only. (no bathing of pets )


Saturday, August 2 1:00pm Swim Meet at the beach
5- 7:00pm All-you-can-eat Spaghetti Dinner at the Ravintola (kitchen)
8:00pm Children’s Program in the Dancehall
Bake Sale/ desserts available after the program
Sunday, August 3 8-11:00am Breakfast at the Ravintola cooked by the Dads
11:30am Registration for the Track Meet at the a-Field
12:00pm Track Meet begins
Many volunteers are needed on Children’s Weekend. We need help in the kitchen Saturday and Sunday and we
Need volunteers for the Children’s Program. Contact JENNIFER B.
The Recreation Committee appreciates your continued support of the Children’s Weekend traditions!


FINN FEST is here again. Looking for seasoned veterans to return to their duties as well as newcomers. Flyer is enclosed for you to promote FINN FEST. Post it at work and invite your co-workers, neighbors, relatives and friends.
It is our biggest fundraiser of the year. If everyone invites 1 or 2 people, it would put us over the top.
To help out, call KEVIN P.

SAM DERNBERGER, GARY MUSTONEN AND HARRY KANSMAN have been pro-active in killing Gypsy Moth Egg Masses again this year. I didn’t appear that there were as many egg masses as we had 10 years ago. Egg masses were found on camps, under picnic tables and on some oak trees. All of our members are again solicited to destroy egg masses, caterpillars and female moths. We have a lot of oak trees that old and vulnerable that need to be protected. Egg Masses are buff colored, generally oval shaped and an inch or two in size. They contain between 50-1500 eggs in each mass. These can be destroyed anytime they are sighted, normally between August and the following May. The eggs can be burned or buried. Do not just scrape them to the ground. Caterpillers emerge from the egg masses around May. They grow to about 2 inches long. The caterpillars should be smashed or drowned. Burlap or dark cloth can be tied around a tree trunk to provide a hiding place for the Caperpillers. Scrape the caterpillars into a bucket and drown them. Gypsy Moths emerge from the pupa in July to August. The females are white and cannot fly; they emit a chemical odor to attract the males. Kill any female moth you see. The females lay their eggs after she mates and the cycle starts again. We will assess the amount of egg masses later this year to see if we qualify for spraying next year. If more of you become pro-active in this problem we will have a better chance for control.
Approximately 60 people braved the cold rainy weather for the Annual Sun Lake Fishing Derby held Sunday June 8th. This year's "Manly Cup" prizewinner for most fish went to 11 year old Taylor N who kept at it despite the soaking conditions and brought in 29 fish to grab the trophy from last year's winner Joe S . Taylor won a postcard book of fishing as well as the coveted cup, complete with fishdreamer's pillow. 2nd place went to Joe S and third place went to Scott T . The Cleanest Tacklebox winner was Marc T . The Largest Fish award went to 10 year old Sarah S for her early catch of a 17 inch dogfish. Later in the day, post competition, a 19 inch bass was caught by Larry G. 2nd place went to Kristen D, who also had an impressive stringer of bass and bluegill. All in all over 290 fish were caught. A big thank you to Helen N and Rob S for donating prizes for the competition, and to Jake J and Ziggy Z from the VFW for their fish cleaning and cooking expertise. Also, kudos to Denise D, Janet C,& Iggy T for hostessing duties. We also salute Sam D, DJ, Robert T, Roger K, Jody D, Scott T, and all the others who took their turn cleaning the fish! Have a great summer!
CONGRATULATIONS to DON and ELAINE JACOBSON on their 25th Anniversary on July 8th.
From Family and Friends

CAMPS FOR SALE: # 35 - Contact RICKY P.

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