2524  Loon  Lake  Road     Wixom,  Michigan  48393




MARRASKUU  ( November )   2004



Nov     4         Thurs               7:30pm      Future Planning Committee Meeting

         13         Sat                 10:00am      Board of Directors Meeting  ( Visitors at 12 noon )        

         14         Sun                10:00am     Woods Committee – Meet at Tractor Garage

         25         Thurs                               HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Dec    2         Thurs               7:30pm      Future Planning Committee Meeting

          5          Sun                  1:00pm      PIKKU JOULU     ( “Little Christmas” Party )

         11         Sat                 10:00am      Board of Directors Meeting  ( Visitors at 12 noon )

         11         Sat                   8:00pm      ADULT CHRISTMAS PARTY    




                                                                     BOARD NOTES




CAMP COUNTRY closing is October 31st.  ALL CAMP OWNERS are reminded to winterize their camp by

Storing outside furniture and equipment, securing awnings and doors and clean-up all debris around your area.

Do not leave anything of great value in or out of your camp to invite vandalism.  Also, NO STORAGE PERMITTED of

cars, boats or any large equipment .Remove or properly dispose of any harmful substances such as gasoline or

charcoal lighter fluids.



Reminder:  ALL BOATS stored at Sun Lake or Loon Lake must be identified with the member’s name and

membership number.  An AUCTION will be held after May 1, 2005, to dispose of boats with no identification.



FREE PIANO, you haul.  The Board of Directors is offering the Piano located in the Clubroom ( in disrepair) to

any member that wants it.  Notify the Board in writing if you are interested.  Available after January 2005.



Notice to the membership of the following paid positions:  Caretaker, Bookkeeper, Treasurer, Secretary, Sauna/Beach

Manager, Bar Manager, Assistant Bar Manager and Kitchen Manager.



THE ADULT CHRISTMAS  PARTY will be Saturday , December 11, in the Clubroom   The Board supplies

the meats, cheeses, vegetable tray, bread and condiments. Everyone is asked to please bring a Dish to pass.

PIKKU JOULU  ( Little Christmas Party ) for the whole family will be in December 5 at 1:00pm in the Clubroom.



The Board of Directors sponsors our Association Annual Christmas Card which is mailed to every member.

Deadline is December 5 at PIKKU JOULU.  You add your names to the Annual Association Christmas Card

which is mailed to all members.  $5.00 per family entry payable to D.F.C..S.C.A. and mailed to the Board of Directors,

2524 Loon Lake Road, Wixom, MI 48393.  Please write exactly how you want your name(s) to appear.  





PIKKU JOULU  ( Little Christmas Party ) for the whole family will be  December 5 at 1:00pm in the Clubroom.

The RECREATION COMMITTEE invites you to join us for our Annual Christmas celebration with the kinds.

Enjoy a wonderful afternoon of holiday cheer with family and friends.  All new members are asked to bring an

unbreakable ornament (1 per family) to hang on the Christmas Tree and add to our collection.

Bring a dish to pass for the “potluck” lunch.  Enjoy the traditional Riisi Puuro!!

Join the kinds in a sing-along of our favorite Christmas Carols and we anxiously await a visit from SANTA and

MRS. CLAUS.  To participate in the grab bag, bring a wrapped gift labeled with your child’s name to put

under the tree.  ( Please limit yiour gift to $10-15 )

Anyone interested in helping with set up and decorating or clean-up, contact ROBYN JOKINEN at 586-468-****.





A goal to commemorate our 80th Anniversary is to create a Family “Victory” Tree.  Help us trace back to your family’s

oldest FINN CAMP ANCESTOR.  Mail to the :Family Tree, c/o the Board of Directors , 2524 Loon Lake Rd, Wixom

48393.  Include (1) your name,  (2) the year you joined, (3) your oldest family relatives name.





TEEN MEMBERS:  The Future Planning Committee is interested in helping to construct a miniature golf course

on the west end of the kentta grounds.  They would like your input – please submit a design for one hole of the course.

We would prefer the construction to consist of ordinary ,easy to obtain, materials.We would also like one of you to

be in charge of designing and to oversee the construction of the course (with adult supervision).

Please send your ideas to : NORMA DERNBERGER, 2206 Lyonia, Wixom, MI 48393.  Be Creative!




GOLF LESSONS – The Future Planning Committee is interested in providing Golf Lessons to members’ children next

season, but we need to know who might be interested.  Please call REY MUSTONEN and leave a message.





CAMP FOR SALE :   Camp  54 -  contact DAVID PELTO at  248-721-**** or email :




WOODS COMMITTEE PROJECTS  will continue on the second Sunday of the Month.  Meet at 10:00am

at the tractor garage adjacent to the Farm House.  Call MIKE HONKA with any questions or call him if

you plan to help with the projects but will arrive a little late.   248-346-****.




VISIT  the  FINN CAMP  WEBSITE  at         





Mail to NANCY TUCKER , 2004 Olanta, Wixom,MI 48393 -  Or  email  :  NANCY48393@YAHOO.COM

OR:  Place in Clubroom Mailbox