2524  Loon  Lake  Road     Wixom,  Michigan  48393



MARRASKUU ( November )   2006



Nov  2             Thur                      7:30pm       Future Planning Committee Meeting                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

        5             Sun                       10:00am       ANNUAL  FALL TALKOO  -  “WORKBEE”

       12             Sun                       10:00am       Board Meeting     (Visitors at Noon)

       12             Sun                       10:00am       Woods Committee  ( Meet at Pole Barn )

       23             Thur                                          HAPPY  THANKSGIVING

Dec  3             Sun                        1:00pm        PIKKU JOULU      -   “ LITTLE  CHRISTMAS “ PARTY

        7              Thur                      7:30pm        Future Planning Committee Meeting

        9              Sat                         7:00pm       Board of Directors Meeting  (  No Visitors Please)

        9              Sat                         8:00pm       ADULT CHRISTMAS PARTY

      10              Sun                      10:00am        Woods Committee   ( Meet at Pole Barn )                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    





                                                                     BOARD NOTES



CAMP COUNTRY closes October 31st.  ALL CAMP OWNERS are reminded to winterize their camp by storing

outside furniture and equipment, securing awnings and doors and clean-up all debris around your area.  Do not

leave anything of great value in or out of your camp  to invite vandalism.  Also,  NO STORAGE PERMITTED of cars

boats or any large equipment.   Remove or properly dispose of any harmful substances such as gasoline or

charcoal lighter fluids.


The Mail Ballot regarding changes in membership invoicing dates was invalid because the required 51% of the

members did not participate.  The ballot proposal fell short the required number of votes because many  ballots

were returned without the required member signature on the outside of the envelope.


The standard late fee of $5.00 will be charged for those who do not turn in their Work Hours Cards by October 31st.


Brick Pavers update:  The brick pavers order has been delayed and the installation of the brick pavers will not

occur until winter weather breaks in the spring.


The Finn Camp needs some new Lake Superior rocks for the sauna kivas (burners).  If any member can supply

these or bring some back from a trip to the U.P. it would be appreciated.


The Board sponsors our Annual Association Christmas Card. which is mailed to every member.

Deadline is December 3 at Pikku Joulu.   You can add your name(s) to the card for $5.00 per entry payable

to the D.F.C.S.C.A. AND mailed to the Board of Directors, 2524 Loon Lake Road, Wixom, Michigan 48393.

Please print your name(s) exactly how you want it to appear on the card.



THE ADULT CHRISTMAS PARTY is scheduled for Saturday, December 9th, at 8:00pm.   The Board will

supply deli trays, bread and condiments.    Please bring a dish to pass.   Come and celebrate the Christmas

season with Finn Camp friends!







PIKKU JOULU  - “LITTLE CHRISTMAS”  PARTY is planned for Saturday, December 3rd, beginning at 1:00pm.

This is a Recreation Committee sponsored event.   Enjoy a wonderful afternoon of Holiday Cheer with family and friends.


All new members are asked to bring an unbreakable ornament ( 1 per family) to hang on the tree and add

to our collection.


 Please bring a DISH to pass for our potluck lunch.   Traditional RIISE PUURO will be



To participate in the GRAB BAG, bring an wrapped gift labeled with your child’s name to be put

under the tree.  Please limit your gift to $10-15.


Join the kids in a sing-a-long of our favorite  Christmas Carols .  We do expect a visit from SANTA and MRS. CLAUS!!



KIITOS to everyone who attended the FINNISH-AMERIAN ALL STARS  CONCERT and supporting our Finnish-American heritage. A special KIITOS to the Woods Committee for sponsoring this event.

The log benches MIKE HONKA made were a big hit with the kids.  He also, along with CHRIS BENESTAD, ARTIE DYKSTRA, and GAVIN WING, decorated the stage with more logs, adding to the lumberjack theme.  A big thank

you to GINGER WING for helping with food preparation:  DARRYL NELSON, DON and  ELAINE  JACOBSON,

STEVE NIEMI, and  ERIC  MELANCON for use of their camps for the band’s overnight stay;  STEVE NIEMI  for

setting up the sound equipment; SHERRY AHO, GINGER WING, and PAM LINNICK for serving food after

the concert;  and ERIC  MELANCON and STEVE  MELANCON for helping with lots of other things.

CAROL MELANCON                                                                                                                                                        



CONGRATULATIONS to TODD PYPE  for bowling a perfect  300 game!!



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Newsletter Items Due November 15, 2006.  Send to Nancy Tucker

email: NANCY48393@YAHOO.COM.   OR place in Mailbox in Clubroom