2524  Loon  Lake  Road     Wixom,  Michigan  48393




TOUKOKUU   ( May )   2007



May  3              Thurs                        7:30pm     Future Planning Committee Meeting

        13              Sun                         10:00am     Woods Committee Projects  ( Meet at Pole Barn )

        20              Sun                         10:00am     Board of Directors Meeting  ( Visitors at 12 noon )

June  3               Sun                          9:00am      ANNUAL MEN’S SPRING GOLF SCRAMBLES

         5               Tues                                          Board of Directors Meeting  ( No Visitors Please )

         7               Thurs                        7:30pm     Future Planning Committee Meeting

       10               Sun                         10:00am     Woods Committee Projects  ( Meet at Pole Barn)

       10               Sun                         10:00am     ANNUAL FISHING DERBY

       16               Sat                            9:30am     GOLF LESSONS  ( each Saturday thru July 28)

       23               Sat                                             JUHANNUS CELEBRATION

       24               Sun                         10:00am     Board of Directors Meeting  ( Visitors at 12 noon)



                                                                     BOARD NOTES


Re-elected to the Board of Directors:  JEFF PYPE, DAVE NIEMI and JODY DERNBERGER.

The Board alternates:  JOSELLE BAMFORD , 2nd is GREG PELTO and 3rd is STEVE MAKI


The Board of Director positions:

JEFF PYPE ,  President           PATTIE LEPPE, Vice President            DICK PYPE, Treasurer

RONN YOGUS,  Secretary            DAVE NIEMI, ROBERT TAIPALA, JODY DERNBERGER,  Works Administrators


The D.F.C.S.C.A. is now listed on the National Historic Register.  THANK YOU to HARRY KANSMAN for your

work in pursuing this very important designation.


The Board of Directors is accepting applications for the SUMMER BEACH and SAUNA MANAGER position.


Just a reminder of the “Blue Book” rules for members who own camps:

Non-members staying more than 3 days and 2 nights in a 30 day period (without a member) or 10 days and 9 nights in a

30 day period (with a member) are required to pay rental to the Association.

A single person is $50.00 per week ( Memorial Day – Labor Day)

$35.00 per week ( off season)

2 people are $75.00 per week

A family of 3 or more is $100.00 per week

The renter may use the Beach -however, non-member rates apply.  The Camp owner is responsible for the

renter and notifying the Camp Rental Agent.

There is also an Association owned Camp which is available to use.  This Camp has a special rate for members

who do not own a Camp and would like to experience “the Campers experience”.  The rate is $30.00 a week for

a family with a refundable cleaning deposit of $25.00.  Book early for those choice summer weeks. 

Contact CINDI MADDOCK, Camp Rental Agent, at 248-669-****  Camp #91

Contact the Social Directors to make reservations: LYNN COUCK, 248-293-**** or KIM BALLARD,586-294-****



MEN’S SPRING GOLF SCRAMBLES – June 3rd at Riverbank in South Lyon with a shotgun start at 9am.

Contact  DAVE NIEMI at 248-310-**** to make a reservation.




Are you waiting to hear about the FISHING DERBY?!!!   Wait no longer.  IT’S JUNE 10TH.

There will be a need for many volunteers, salads and fruit dishes for the Fish and Chip Lunch.  Signup sheet

will be posted at the Beach in May or contact me by e-mail anytime :  fishingderby




JUHANNUS -  Saturday, June 23, 2007.

Plans are in the making for a fabulous JUHANNUS again this year.  We are excited to be bringing

back the amazing band from Juhannus 2006, “ THE BOMB SQUAD”.  You will not want to miss this Band!!

They will be playing the best dance music in the Dancehall from 9:00pm to 1:00am.


Our traditional KOKKO, “bonfire”, will be at dusk.


A Finn Camp  ’CAR SHOW’ has been added this year from 12:00pm to 5:00pm which is expected  to bring

in many awesome classic cars to our summer celebration.

Committee chairpersons for the Car Show are MARY and MIKE BARIE.  You can contact them

at 248-698-****.


Many volunteers will be needed to support this Celebration -  look for the sign-up poster at the Sauna

during Memorial Weekend or you can contact Juhannus Chairpersons,  JOSELLE BAMFORD at

248-960-**** or CHERYL NOVACK at 734-464-****.  



NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES – OUR FINN CAMP,  the D.F.C.S.C.A., was listed as a Historic Place in the National Register, on January 27, 2007.   The National Register of Historic Places is the federal government’s official list of properties deemed worthy of preservation because of their importance in American history and culture.


Listing in the National Register provides the following benefits  to historic properties:

1.      Recognition that a property is significant to the nation, the state or the community.

2.      Consideration in the planning for federal or federally assisted projects.

3.      Eligibility for feral tax incentives and other preservation assistance


Listing in the National Register DOES NOT interfere with a private property owner’s rights to alter,

manage or to dispose of property.  Listing DOES NOT mean that limitations will be placed on the properties  by the federal or state government.   Public visitation rights ARE NOT  required of owners.   NEITHER THE FEDERAL OR STATE



HARRY  KANSMAN,  D.F.C.S.C.A Historic Site Coordinator.




The Future Planning Committee is again sponsoring GOLF LESSONS for anyone interested.  Clubs will be supplies if you need them.  Lessons start June 16 at 9:30am on the Athletic Field.  There will be no lesson on Juhannus, but will continue

through July 28 on Saturday mornings.  Signup sheets are on the camp bulletin board in the Clubroom and in the Sauna.

Try it – it’s a great game!!!



E-COMMERCE BUSINESS MEETING -   Detailed information provided by MICHAEL and BEVERLY JOKINEN about

a rapidly growing internet business opportunity.   Thursday, May 10th,  8:00p.m. at the Clubroom.  Everyone welcome.


CAMP FOR SALE -  Camp #135.  Contact  DONNA ROBB  at 248-360-****.


Visit the Finn Camp website at


Newsletter Items Due May 15, 2007.  Send to Nancy Tucker or

email: NANCY48393@YAHOO.COM.   OR place in Mailbox in Clubroom