2524  Loon  Lake  Road     Wixom,  Michigan  48393



HUHTIKUU  ( April )   2006

Apr    6              Thur                 7:30pm           Future Planning Committee Meeting

          9              Sun                 10:00am           Board Meeting  ( Visitors at Noon )

          9              Sun                 10:00am           Woods Committee Projects  ( Meet at Pole Barn )

        23              Sun                 11:00am           Registration for ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING

        23              Sun                 12:00pm           ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING

        30              Sun                 10:00am           ANNUAL SPRING TALKOO   ( Work-Bee )

May  4               Thur                7:30pm            Future Planning Committee Meeting

        20              Sat                   3:00pm           MEMBERSHIP DRIVE LEMONADE TOUR – Meet at the Sauna

Jun    3               Sat                   7:00pm           KAIKU, FINLANDIA FOUNDATION PERFORMERS

         4               Sun                   8:00am          SPECIAL BREAKFAST HOSTING KAIKU PERFORMERS

         4               Sun                   8:00am          ANNUAL MEN’S GOLF SCRAMBLE


                                                                     BOARD NOTES




ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING:  Sunday, April 23, at 12 noon.  Register beginning at 11am.

All members are encouraged to attend to participate in important discussions and votes.


ANNUAL SPRING TALKOO – Member Work Bee -  Sunday, April 30, at  All members please turn out

to help prepare our grounds for the summer season.  Bring your mulcher lawn mower if you have one.  We will be

raking, mulching, taking summer furniture out of storage and inside and outside clean-up.  We always need a big work

force.  Lunch and beverages provided for all workers.  Come with your whole family.


The Board is accepting applications for the Summer Beach and Sauna position. Contact the Board if interested.


The Board of Directors has received a request for the names of any member or member’s child who would

be interested in raking camp leaves this spring and charge for your services.  Please send a letter to the

Board indicating that you are interested in having your name, phone number and charges given out.   



       Our busy season is coming soon and there are a lot of projects available for members to work their  hours.  We

know everyone has a million things on their plates; this is a busy time of year with graduations, showers, vacations, etc.

But, Finn Camp needs some of your time, too.

       Current projects include: Dancehall exterior – to paint or side?

Ceiling in Clubroom needs major repair; All buildings need paint, clean-up and general repair; Dancehall cleaning behind

stage area;  Women’s Sauna exterior wall needs new siding and benches need repair; Eastside bathrooms need tile work,

painting,carpentry,etc.   Eastsiders,  let us know your wishes for the building. 

       We are still looking for members interested in the Camp Building Committee.  Want to join?

       To arrange work time, equipment or building access, contact one of your friendly administrators:

DAVE NIEMI – Camp #149, 248-310-****; PATTI LEPPI AT 248-921-**** or;

JODY DERNBERGER at 248-819-**** or

       Remember, if we don’t get workers, we have to pay for the repairs and our assessment will have to be raised.

If you have other ideas for something that needs to be done, come and talk to us.  We are always around.



        Gone are the days of Finn Camp being isolated far out in the country.  We are part of an ever expanding and developing

neighborhood.  As a part of the Wixom community, we need to show pride in our facilities, respect for the community

and not to be considered for the city’s “blight list”.   We are asking Camp Owners to keep your camp looking its best.

       This includes:  Painting, if needed. Anyone who received a notice that their camp needed painting will be fined if the 

work is not done by June 1st.  Everyone should check to make sure their paint is clean, fresh.  And while we don’t mind

individuality, choose your paint colors respectfully;  Keep your camp ground area clear of un-used equipment and debris.




Put away toys when not in use.  Storing items outdoors in camp country is not allowed.  Rake or mulch leaves

around your camp and surrounding area which makes it look good and helps keep the mosquito population down.  

No littering or leaving trash bags out which attract animals and looks bad for your neighbors.  Keep you camp in repair ,

such as broken windows or doors, decks in disrepair and roofs covered with moss. If you have boards on windows or

doors protecting the inside from winter weather, please remove them for the summer. 

       Owning a camp comes with responsibilities and obligations. Many of the camps look great and show the owner’s

pride in the Finn Camp.

       By the way, if you do not ever use your camp and would like to sell it, please contact the Board. We can work with

you to help find a buyer.  Every year we have requests for camps from new and current member.

       Thanks to all campers for your cooperation in maintaining Finn Camp pride.  We all look forward to a great

camping season, now, and for many years  to come.  


KAIKU, 2006 Finlandia Performers of the Year, will perform Saturday, June3, at 7pm in the Dancehall. Kaiku blends

Finnish vocals of epic poems with a Brazilian beat and influences of jazz and pop. Tickets are $15 in advance and $17 at the door.Order form enclosed requesting payment mailed to D.F.C.S.C.A, 2524 Loon Lake Rd, Wixom,Mi 48393.

Sponsored by Bar committee and Cultural Committee, contact WAYNE JOKINEN at 248-624-2550 for more info.          


KAIKU PERFORMERS -  On Sunday, June 4, we will be hosting the KAIKU performers for breakfast in the

ravintola.  SAM will have the kitchen open for members as well.  We are planning on having eggs and pannukakku

and pancakes.  We will be needing some members who would like to help show our guests what the Finn Camp

is all about -  the COOPERATION we share.  Please call SAM or CHARLIE at 248-624-**** to  help with the

event.  Work hours available.  Kitchen will be open 8-12.   See you there!!!


MEN’S SPRING GOLF SCRAMBLES:  Sunday, June 4th, at Riverbank in South Lyon. Register at 8am.

Shotgun start at 9am.  Contact DAVE NIEMI at 248-310-**** for more info and to add your group to the list.


FISHING DERBY – Mark your calendars for June 11th.  For all to enjoy, it would be great if I could

get enough volunteers to cover four one-hour shifts of registration, measuring, counting, scaling, cleaning/filet,

cooking, digital photography and overall assistance.  Need previous Chairpersons to contact me!!  Kiitos!!

SUE SLAUGHTER.   Because I don’t open unrecognizable contacts,  eMail me

or if you need to, call my cell at 586-206-****.



The Spring is once again Open Enrollment for the Finnish Camp.  Let’s build our membership by inviting our non-member

Finnish friends out for a lemonade tour!  A new promotion this year is that we are sending Finn Camp business cards

out to our members with our May Newsletter.  Please circulate these cards amongst your friends of Finnish descent.

If you get a pal to join, you could get a Free Sauna.  LEMONADE TOUR dates are Saturday, May 20th, or Sunday,

June 4th, at 3pm.  Meet at the Sauna and take a leisurely walk around our grounds, pick up a membership application

and learn more about our association.  Please call MARY BURCK at 248-471-**** for more info.          


FOR SALE:   Camp 106.  Please contact ARTHUR JALKANEN at 248-352-****


Thank you to REY MUSTONEN and ARO TOIVONEN for donating your time and money in building the new

wheelchair ramp for our Clubroom.


The following members donated great prizes for our Winterfest Raffle:

Ginger Wing – snowflake art,  Sheri Aho – dip set,  Reino Solin – secured Pistons tickets, Tammie King – multiple prizes

from area businesses,  Isreal Nordin – glass art, Alan Arbour – bar décor, Kim Zieglar – tanning certificates,

Kamela Torvinen – movie basket,  Future Planning – Superbowl basket, Finn Camp Board – Sauna card, Hall rental and

sweatshirt.  Thanks to everyone who solicited for prizes or donated things of their own.  It made for an exciting Raffle.   


Visit the Finn Camp website at


Newsletter Items Due April 15, 2006.  Send to Nancy Tucker, or

email: NANCY48393@YAHOO.COM.   OR place in Mailbox in Clubroom