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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Common questions and answers for people curious about the Finn Camp.

What are the requirements for becoming a member?

Requirements for membership are that you be of Finnish descent, be of good moral character.

What are the costs of membership?

$120 for the shares (family membership - 1 time only )
$100 initiation fee ( 1 time only )
$2.00 liquor control commission fee ($1.00 for each adult member because you have access to our bar)
$220 (As of April 24, 2005) annual assessment

Property tax if you do not own a camp -approx. $100-$130 a year total (As of April, 2001) property taxes are billed twice a year

Electric bill for your camp. (If own camp) you must be a member to own a camp but you may be a member without owning a camp.
Property tax. (If you own a camp) Runs about $30 a year total over and above regular property tax fee

24 Work Hours. Each membership (member and spouse) are required to work 24 hours a year doing various projects or work at one of our festivals. Any hours not worked are billed at $15 per hour. ( as of April, 2003 )

Taxes and Assessments periodically increase and are subject to change.

My family would like to stay at the Finn Camp for a weekend. What are the fees?

Unfortunately, the camps are (optionally) owned by each member for long term use. There are no facilities for non-members to stay, with the exception of renting a member's camp for a period of time.

How can I apply for the Finn Camp scholarship?

Please download and fill out the application. Either email or mail to the address included.