Juli Wood

Juli Wood is returning to Finn Camp this Saturday, September 17, this time as a quartet! Concert will start at 7pm in the dancehall. Tickets will be $15 at the door, or preorder through Kayla Jokinen. Sponsored by Cultural Committee

Meet this Finnish folk jazz quartet:

Juli Wood, a saxophonist and singer over the past forty years, has recorded two CDs of Finnish jazz folk music, Synkka Metsa / Dark Forest & Suomen Salossa.  All of Juli’s grandparents immigrated from Pohjonmaa, Finland in the early 1900’s, giving her deep Finnish roots. She currently resides in Chicago where she plays jazz in clubs and festivals.

Paul Silbergleit, a jazz guitarist as well as a composer and jazz instructor for the Milwaukee Jazz Institute, has played professionally over the past thirty years. His mother immigrated from Norway, making him a second generation Scandinavian. To date, he has multiple CD’s out.

Clay Schaub, a prominent jazz bassist, is a composer and faculty at the Milwaukee Jazz Institute. He’s also recorded some of his own music.

Mike Schlick, a jazz and blues musician, has recorded with many local jazz musicians and played professionally for the last thirty-five years around Chicago and Milwaukee. As an honorary Finn, Mike has been dubbed Mikko Schlickko since he and Juli have traveled to play jazz in Finland multiple times.

Eight years ago, The Juli Wood quartet formed and has been together ever since. They recorded their first CD of Finnish folk songs, Suomen Salossa, in 2018, then held a concert in Bemidji, Minnesota at the Finnish language camp in Salolampi. Thanks to a generous grant by the Finlandia Foundation, this September will be the quartet’s first Finn Camp performance and second visit since their 2018 Performer of the Year tour.

“We had such a great time at Finn Camp and hoped we could come back someday with the full quartet and play,” said two of the quartet’s members, Juli and Mike.

Don’t miss their phenomenal Finn Camp performance coming this September. If you’d like a taste of the Juli Wood Quartet’s personal or group music, check it out at

~Naomi Petäinen

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