You can download this flyer (PDF) by clicking on the image.

Our annual Juhannus celebration is scheduled to be held on Saturday, June 17th. Come out early for a whole day of fun with food, games, live Finnish band, dancing, wish stick making, and of course The Kokko (bonfire). The kitchen will be open for lunch and dinner on Saturday and for breakfast on Sunday. We are planning to hold a horseshœ and pickleball tournament along with other games – mölkky Finnish darts, boot toss, and cornhole.

Admission to be on the grounds for the day is $5 per person. More info and an event schedule will be posted on our Members Only Facebook page and emailed.

There is a lot of opportunity to get in work hours this weekend and we need your help for success! We will need people to help with the following: kitchen, button designer, button maker and assembler, button sellers, raffles, games, path light setup and take down, security (at the Kokko), etc. Sign-up on Signup Genius

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