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A video showing some of the members interviews about Finn Camp.
Finn Camp presentation at National Finn Fest 2019 (PDF)

Welcome to Detroit Finnish Cooperative Summer Camp Association, fondly known as “Finn Camp”. The Detroit Finnish Cooperative Summer Camp Association was founded in 1925 by Finnish Americans living in the Detroit area. This ethnic force of identity prominent in Finns inspired the founders to find an area for recreation, social gatherings and personal growth. After a concerted and lengthy search, property in Commerce Township (now the City of Wixom) was selected. Their choice in 1925 is now the good fortune of today’s membership and of future generations.

The purpose for which the cooperative is formed is as follows:
To promote the social, intellectual, cultural, and physical welfare of its members, to keep, own and maintain lands for meetings, entertainment, lectures and athletic purposes and to provide for its members, sites for camps or homes as available.

With cooperation of these charter members and their families and with high enthusiasm, the arduous work began to clear the land build the sauna, summer kitchen and dance hall. Here they had their drama performances, athletic games, gymnastic festivals and picnics. Today these traditions are still followed by the second, third, fourth and fifth generations. Such as the annual Finn Fest celebration in August since 1976.

The only requirement for membership are that a person be of good morale character, of Finnish descent.

The Association is still founded on cooperative principles where all members are equally responsible for association operations, each contributing their own talent and skills.

Finn Camp Dive Tower

Beach facilities include the artesian spring fed lake, a sauna and two docks 50 meters apart for lap swimming, one dock with a 6 meter diving tower and the other dock for fishing and row boat launch.

For over forty years, we have maintained an excellent children’s recreation program which includes extensive swimming lessons, following the five week program a week is devoted to the children which highlights the swim meet, track meet and their own stage production.

Our small children enjoy playing in the warm shallow waters of scenic Loon Lake which is also available for sailing, fishing and paddle boating.

We also have a soft ball field – home of the Finn Camp sponsored team in the local active league and our own annual tournament held in August during Finn Fest. Other athletic facilities include a horse shoe court.

During the summer months; the out door restaurant, the Ravintola; serves ethnic foods, including mojakka (beef stew), pasties, and pulla as well as American food. This is a pleasant place for members to visit over a leisurely Sunday breakfast.

The dance hall on the hill “Kentta” hosts mid-summer celebration Juhannus, annual children production and many dances throughout the summer. Here one is apt to see anything from the traditional raatikko, polka, schottish or the music of a waltz, country or rock ending our season.

In the Clubroom we have a full bar and a Harvest Dinner, little Christmas “Pikkuu Jouluu”, St. Urho’s Day, Dinner Theatre and Laskianinen Paiva highlight the winter calendar. The Clubroom provides a lending library for the membership featuring best sellers, varied ethnic publications, children’s and craft books.

Summers can be enjoyed in the one room cabins in “Camp Country.” The rustic intimacy is shared by many members who “rough” it from April to October, creating a unique sense of kinship.

New memberships are welcome and open to persons of Finnish descent. If interested, please contact the Board of Directors for further information.