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The Detroit Sunday Journal” April 19, 1998 by writer Eric Freedman

An Oakland County summer camp also has received landmark status from the Michigan Historical Commission.

The Detroit Finnish Co-operative Summer Camp on Loon Lake in Wixom once held a dance hall, sauna, summer school, cottages, outdoor sports track, beach and docks. Many original buildings still stand, including the 1927 dance hall and cottages “nestled among tall trees”.

“The camp draws its significance from its long-standing association with and preservation of the Finnish culture and promotion of the traditions of Finnish immigrants to Michigan,” according to the State Historic Preservation Office. “Cultural events had great significance for the members. The first building erected on camp property was a traditional Finnish sauna. Educational courses were taught in Finnish.”

Plays in Finnish were popular in the camp’s early years, and the Loon Lake Players now perform there.

The camp is home to the celebration of Finnish holidays, including Saint Urho’s Day and the midsummer festival of Juhannus, as well as the annual Finn Fest held each August with dance, songs and traditional foods.

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