Work Projects

This page will list the projects and work hours opportunities.

Work Administrators Update:

There are still plenty of projects for work hours.  Work hour inquires can be directed to any of the work administrators: Tony Koski 616-813-5656, Mike Niemasz 248-240-0480 and Becky Wendela 248-762-7282. Also you can use email address to send to all the work administrators.  We are actively trying to increase transparency of projects and project status.  Until then please do not hesitate to reach out.

Need tools or supplies?  We often have supplies available.  If not, we will purchase them or can help to approve costs so you can get what you need to complete the projects.

If you see something around the property that needs to be done or you have specialized skills and willing to help with special projects please let us know.  

Property Work Needs:

  • Dance Hall Cleaning before 10/16
  • Clubroom Shutters need to be hung and Trim around shutters put up
  • Frame around Clubroom balcony door needs replacing and sealing.
  • There is some caulking work that needs to be done around the inside entrance to clubroom on the main entry side
  • The bricks of the outdoor dressing room at sun lake need to be cleaned and painted both outside and inside.  
  • Steps outside dance hall need to be power washed and safety treads need to be placed on the steps to avoid slipping.
  • Many picnic tables and benches need to be scrapped and new varnish applied. Small fixes to many are also needed.  It would be great to complete this before we put them away for winter storage.
  • The fenced area behind the care-keeper’s garage needs to be cleaned out and fence repaired.
  • Prepping and painting the indoor sauna dressing room ceiling on the men’s side due to paint chipping
  • Vine clean up – ongoing.

The woods committee meets regularly and always needs extra people.  Please text Mike Honka at 248-860-5109 for special projects relating to woods committee.

Thank you to everyone who keeps this place running all year long!

–Finn Camp Work Administrators

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