Becoming a Member

Requirements for membership are that you be of Finnish descent, be of good moral character.

The cost of membership is the following:

$120 for the shares (family membership – 1 time only )

$100 initiation fee ( 1 time only )
$2.00 liquor control commission fee ($1.00 for each adult member because you have access to our bar)
$250 annual assessment

Property tax if you do not own a camp -approx. $150-$200 a year total (As of April, 2019) property taxes are billed twice a year

Electric bill for your camp. (If own camp) you must be a member to own a camp but you may be a member without owning a camp.
Property tax. (If you own a camp) Runs about $30 a year total over and above regular property tax fee

24 Work Hours. Each membership (member and spouse) are required to work 24 hours a year doing various projects or work at one of our festivals. Any hours not worked are billed at $17 per hour.

Taxes and Assessments periodically increase and are subject to change.

For membership information, email

How to Apply

DFCSCA Membership form thumbnail

To apply for membership, print and fill out the DFCSCA Membership Form (PDF format) and bring it to the Board of Directors meeting.  See the calendar page for the next Board of Directors meeting.