Dance Hall Work Project

Much has been improved upon in the Dance Hall.  I would like to give a thank you to Lauri Taipala, who helped so much in the initial stages.   I would also love to thank Tammie King and Mary Burck, who put together a work group for Saturday, April 18.  Projects included ripping up the nasty carpet in preparation for fixing up and resurfacing the floor, pulling staples and tacks from the beams, cleaning out underneath the stage and moving everything off the floor.  I wish to thank everybody who helped in one way or another to improve our Dance Hall facilities:  Sherry Franco, Pam and Dan Linick, Bob Burck, Sherry Kurin, Phoenix Honka, Mike and Rita Honka, Kevin and Luke Pelto, Erick Leskinen, Reino Mustonen, Eero Toivonen, Eric Solin, Bruce Foxworthy, Reino Solin, Dave Grogan, Laura Mazur, Mike Mazur, Dave Niemi, Robyn and Wayne Jokinen, Steve Melancon, Harry Kansman, Gavin Wing, Drew Pype, Larry Gooden and his brother and Kim and Jim Ziegler.  Hopefully I remembered everyone; if not, I’m sorry.

Although much has been done, much still needs attention.  A work group will be meeting every Friday evening from 5 to 8 p.m. for the next five weeks, starting April 24.  Please join us and lend a hand—you receive work hours! Feel free to contact the following people for any additional information:

Jodi Dernberger, 248-819-8964

Tammie King, 248-313-9334,

Mary Burck, 248-471-0144,

Again… Iso Kiitos (Big Thanks)!!!!! I couldn’t have gotten this much done without all the help.

Jody Dernberger