Covid-19 Update

The board has decided to provide a limited opening of the camps starting on Friday, May 1, 2020. Two individual bathrooms on the West Side will be open, and the caretaker will clean those each day, as well as making cleaning supplies and disinfectant available at the site. Power to the camps will be turned on as well. The camp gates will remain open. 

Members are advised to adhere to appropriate social distancing measures and all laws and guidelines issued by the governor. A limited stay-at-home order remains in place until May 15. The governor’s order allows travel to and from a second home, which we interpret to include DFCSCA camps. 

For the time being, the bar and sauna will remain closed, and all activities are postponed or cancelled. The board continues to meet weekly via Zoom to discuss Association business and to discuss when or whether activities can resume. Our next meeting is Sunday, May 3. 

Bob O’Brien 
President, DFCSCA Board of Directors, on behalf of the board.