Message from the Board

We would all like to open Finn Camp and enjoy this weekend at the beach but Finn Camp must follow the law. Everyone has a different comfort level with the current situation and we must remember, this won’t last forever. Please be kind to one another.

As per the current executive order 2020-92:

-All public and private gatherings of any number of people occurring among persons not part of a single household are prohibited.

-No person shall conduct business operations that require workers to leave their homes except to conduct minimum basic operations.

-Minimum business operations include maintaining the value of inventory & equipment, care for animals, ensure security, process transactions (payroll), facilitate other workers to work remotely.

The typical duties of a beach manager are not consistent with minimum business operations for Finn Camp and therefore the Sun Lake Beach cannot be opened at this time. We are unable to just leave the Gates open without a Beach Manager as this is a huge liability for us all.

The Executive order allows for individuals to leave their homes to engage in outdoor recreation activity. While the gate to Sun Lake will remained locked until further notice, any member can use their gate key to go down and enjoy it. Picnic tables and other furniture have not yet been put out. The sauna building will remain closed. If you open the gate, you are responsible for closing it. If you don’t lock it behind you after entry, you are responsible for who comes in. The grounds are expected to be used only by members at this time until restrictions are lifted. Everyone is expected to follow the social distancing guidelines as defined in this executive order. The outdoor bathroom will be opened on Friday, May 22nd and cleaned daily. Thank you for your cooperation.

Board of Directors