History of the Finn Camp

Articles on the history of the Finn Camp:

The Michigan Historical Society ceremony of June 2000

Dana Aro
Dana Aro, Harry Kansman, Arne Santti. Harry Kansman also addressed the audience, VFW and the American Legion
Arne and Hazel Santti

2 Replies to “History of the Finn Camp”

  1. My grandparents were founding members of the Detroit Finnish Summer Camp Association, and actually owned a home at the camp. Although we moved from Michigan when I was young, I have such fond memories of the camp. Sun Lake, Loon Lake, the diving platform, the sauna…and all the events. It was a very special time to me. My grandparents were Emil Werner Sihvonen and Anna Huupponen Sihvonen.

  2. I’ve heard stories and or references of this CAMP, most recently tonight, and “recall” from my husband. I will read the history and maybe someone will reply on the current status of this camp. Thanks in advance!

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