One Reply to “Played by Papu and Towhead with Smokin’ Joe at Finn Grand Fest 2010”

  1. These were videos at the outdoor tent at the Grand Finn Fest of 2010 in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. The videos were taken by fellow musician Kristen Kreiner. I was sitting just to the right of her. We were there to perform with accordionist Roger Hewlett in “Finn Aire” and as members of the Finnish Center’s Soittoniekat.

    Parts of our nine-piece group’s Wednesday night dance performance (from that same week) was recorded and featured in Carl Pellonpaa’s TV show “Suomi Kutsuu.” In various configurations, our group members got to jam along with a lot of great musicians from the midwest and Finland.

    Highlights of Papu and Towhead’s performance include Metsakukkia, with the the jazz improvisation that we often like to do (which we often refer to as “Messy Cookies”), and Kulkurin Valssi, where the audience spontaneously sang along in Finnish (however I don’t think this was recorded).

    A CD of Papu and Towhead’s music can be purchased at the Finnish Center in Farmington Hills or at A Touch of Finland in Marquette. –Steve

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