Summer Season Reminders

  • Quiet time in camp country is 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM, no loud music, TV’s or parties after 11:00 PM.
  • Members are responsible for their quest’s behavior.
  • Drive slowly on the Finn Camp grounds.  Please watch for children.
  • Firewood for fire pits at Look Lake permitted only if constantly attended.
  • Fire must be completely out when you leave and please remove your trash.
  • Only members can dock and lunch boats from our Loon Lake property.
  • Unused vehicles and boats are not allowed storage on camp grounds.
  • Motorbikes, ATV’s and similar vehicles are not allowed on a Finn Camp grounds.
  • Pets must be on a leach.  Barking dogs must be quiet.
  • Garbage and trashmust be placed in dumpsters by the kitchen.
  • East and Westside bathrooms are for members only.  No bathing of pets.

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