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  1. Great pictures everywhere. See if you can get more “people and time framing information”.

    I know this is a challenge cause we aren’t exactly time and date structured people, other than where’s the party and when? After that it’s who’s that or I did that?

    Get in touch with Russ Matero……..he is the collective memory and photographer of “the lost generation”.

    I suggest/challenge others to try to do some oral history building via tape recordings with the most senior members. Perhaps a partnership project with some members children and the library committee (if there is one anymore). I suggest starting with Harry and Delores Kansman. Make sure you say hi and apologize for my suggestion and nomination.

    I know there’s information on how to do this on the internet. There’s been a huge effort to capture the greatest generation’s memories of WWII. Once the process is established and a dialog is open make sure the challenge to find some old photos is made. If there is interest I could be convinced to provide some $ponsorship $upport.

    Anyway great stuff!

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