Children’s Weekend

Saturday, August 7

1 p.m.: Swim meet at the Sun Lake beach

5–7 p.m.: Dinner—hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken sandwiches and a salad bar at the Ravintola (outdoor kitchen).

8 p.m.: Children’s Program/Play at the Dance Hall. Bake Sale/Desserts: Immediately following the program.

Sunday, August 8

8–11 a.m.: Breakfast at the Ravintola, cooked by the dads.

11:30 a.m.: Track meet. Sign up at the A Field.

Noon: Track meet; A Field.

Many volunteers are needed on Children’s Weekend to make it a success! Kitchen help is needed for breakfast and dinner. We also need volunteers for the Children’s program/play and the track meet.

The Recreation Committee appreciates your continued support of the Finn Camp Children’s Weekend traditions! —Kathy Bretschneider

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